Choosing a Tree Removal Service

Tree Care FAQ

When searching for a tree care professional there are some common questions you need to ask that will ensure you get the best tree service in your area. These questions can be easily answered with some internet research or by talking to friends and family. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about tree service providers:

Will my local tree service deal with my tree removal? When looking at services, it is always important to know if the service will deal with your tree removal. If not, it is a good idea to ask the provider how they do this.

What type of tree service will my tree service offer? Always ask what kind of services your service provider offers. If you want a professional service, make sure they offer tree removal and pruning services.

Will my tree service clean my tree? If you have trees that need to be pruned, you should also ask if they will clean the tree down to the roots, if they will use a chemical that will kill the root of the tree and also the part around the root.

Can they remove my tree without removing it from the site? If you live on a hill or on a corner of a large lot, professional tree removal may not be possible.

Is there a service that will work at my home and remove my tree without disturbing the neighbors? You need to check to see what types of services are available and what types of neighborhood disturbance will happen when your tree service comes to your property. You may be required to get a new permit and possibly have to move your tree to another location where it can be removed legally.

If you are having issues with trees in your yard, contact a professional to work with the tree service in your area. If you want to make sure your tree removal and pruning services are done properly and according to city code, you need to be a smart consumer and shop around.